The Community Reserve

Appreciating our people, acknowledging our environment and strengthening our neighborhoods.

The Community Reserve is the solution to underemployment, environmental destruction and the lack of community efforts.

The Community Reserve contributes to our society the means for one person to evenly exchange their energy with another person or people in their local area. You provide a skill or a product that you love to offer or create and you fill your 'living well' with credits which you can redeem with other members of the community as you wish. Gone are the days of not being able to afford what you need. Now you can spend your idle time doing whatever it is that you are passionate about and receive the credit you deserve. Not only do you get the satisfaction of knowing that you provided a much needed good or service but you also get the credit what affords you access to a higher standard of living.

Whether you are a starving student with new skills and no career or a retired professional who just isn't ready to give up on their passions, The Community Reserve allows you to exchange your energy with each other while running into as little friction as possible.

We believe that tangible and easier to acquire credit means that more people will be willing to provide for their community; especially when they know that the effort they put in never leaves the community but is instead recycled between all of the members as it snowballs and grows into a thriving organization of like-minded households.

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